Getting Started at Digital Flyer
  • What Do We Do at Digital Flyers?
  • What is Digital Flyers?
  • Why SMBs?
  • Why Twin Cities?

  • What Do We Do at Digital Flyers?

    Hey there, Welcome to Digital Flyers. We’re so happy you’re checking us out.

    What is Digital Flyers?

    We are a digital flyer directory start-up in the Twin Cities. We showcase businesses and lit events in the Twin Cities, with plans to expand globally. Yes, you read that right, we showcase the biggest events and create a digital presence for businesses specifically in the Twin Cities.

    Our vision isn’t just to be the largest digital flyer directory for SMEs and events in the United States, but also to be the largest globally.

    We also understand how stressful running a business is in the Twin Cities and that’s why we offer a variety of services to help you keep your business running smoothly.

    Aside from promoting your events on our high-traffic website, social media pages, and in-store digital signage, we also design professional stand-alone flyers, offer digital marketing services, and physical printing.

    Why SMBs?

    We noticed SMBs owners in the Twin Cities are the most overworked entrepreneurs and that’s not something we’d like to see.

    Most entrepreneurs start businesses because they saw a problem and applied their passion and resources to solving it. They did this great thing, why are they getting so much headache over it?

    We'd like them to sit back, relax, and focus their energy on running the business they love while we get their products/services to the people they created them for.

    Why Twin Cities?

    We are currently based in the Twin Cities, and you know what they say about charity beginning at home; we take it pretty seriously.

    We are a rapidly growing company with plans to expand to other cities in the United States. Keep an eye out for us, we're about to take over.

    Want to know more about our Services? Learn more at our Services Page.