Our Story

Digital Flyers creates awareness by showcasing flyers of events and businesses on The DigitalFlyerâ„¢ (our digital signage screens) located in busy neighborhood hub spot waiting areas such as barbershops, beauty salons. In addition, we also feature our events and businesses through our website, app and social media.

At our core, we replace the traditional paper flyers on notice boards found in cafe’s, barbershops, saloons, and other highly trafficked areas. As a result, giving businesses and event organizers an opportunity to promote to more people with less money, time and effort.

We are based in the Minneapolis-St Paul Area and are quickly expanding to different cities in the US.


Digital Flyers was founded on the belief that building strong brand awareness should not have to be time-consuming or costly. To a business, we know that brand awareness is everything. We have streamlined this process by creating an effective advertising platform that easily informs and connects customers to your business.