Our Story

Digital Flyers is a fast growing awareness organization in the Minneapolis-St Paul Metro Area. Our goal is to provide a cost effective and high yielding platform for promoting events and building brands. Our platform is made easy for anyone to use.

DigitalFlyers.com was founded on the belief that building strong brand awareness should not have to be time consuming or costly. To a business, we know that brand awareness is everything. It is the heart and soul of your business, the way customers become excited and informed about your products and services. We have streamlined this process by creating an effective advertising platform that easily informs and connects customers to your business.

We create awareness by showcasing Flyers of events and businesses on our digital flyer systems located in busy neighborhood hub spot waiting area’s such as Barbershops, Beauty Solons Ect. but not limited too.. We also feature our events and businesses through our website, app and social media. We currently have screens located in 2 stores, one in the Summit – University area and the other in Midway Area Saint Paul, respectively, and hope to increase our screen location base in the near future.